Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Week 2 In the Big Brother Diet House

I've heard week 2 can be hell, but I can't believe it, i'm on my second week of 'healthy choices' regime, and I'm actually shocked at how well I've settled in. From day one it was manageable. I don't feel hungry, even though i've cut out huge portions, I don't eat between meals, unless it's healthy, and I have my own little routine at night which keeps me going. I know i'm running on will power here, and i'm a little scared as of when it will run out and what will be the consequences. Of course the worst thing that could happen would be me piling back on the pounds I worked hard to lose! But what if I manage to actually train myself in the weeks/months/years/days??? to eat less, to not pick, to leave the crisps in the shop, (crisps really are my downfall) .. Is it possible??

I'm also running out of things to eat.. I just seem to eat the same things, which is begining to get boring. I hate looking through recipe books, i'd rather someone showed me, i'm just useless at following recipes. If anyone reads this, which I highly doubt, I mean i'm not exactly the most interesting person to read about lol, but could anyone maybe suggest some recipes? That would be great :) I'm really wanting to try a healthy curry, but I'm not sure where to start, or maybe a thai green curry... I know I've got to stay away from creamy things, but I'd like to hear your suggestions :)

Ahh I guess i'll just keep things updated weather it's just me that's writing/reading... no matter :) I'll have fun tracking my progress... haha simple things and minds etc etc etc :) :)