Friday, 3 June 2011

Week 3, Day 1

Well I'm on week 3, and I don't know how much i've lost, as slimming group yesterday was not on, the lady took a well deserved break, so I'm just crossing everything that I managed to lose something! I'm just sticking with my 5lb loss from week 1...

Somehow I didn't have much time to do exercise this week... It's been such a hectic week that I can't even remember when I had the time to think about food, never mind exercise.

The inlaws came up last night, so was rushing around getting the house sorted... why is it when someone comes to the house ou just have to make sure everything is ship shape?? Ok I do know I don't want to look like a lazy B... but it takes forever and for what... as soon as we got in last night the kitchen the living room everything looks like a bombs hit it.. Ach well at least I know I cleaned hehe ;)

Sitting here just now finally getting some washing dried, been sick of the non stop raining the past 3 weeks. It's drove me nuts. But the sun is out and it looks fantastic... The pooch will love her walk later, will possibly try and introduce her to the sea water, she really doesn't like water - but I think once she's in she'll love it :) and it gets me out to do some well needed exercise... If I want to get to my goal I got to work hard at it.

I'm a wee bit worried about food this next few days, the inlaws will be cooking, and I'm just a little worried that things will be used that I can't have.. or I'll overeat. I know that I should be able to control myself, but food has been a friend or should I say.. and enemy for many years.. and I know that anything that is on my plate i'll just eat... or maybe i'm just not giving myself enough credit... but we'll see.. I have taken the inititive to stock the fridge up with fresh fruit and veg.. so I can always take extra salad hehe :) I actually couldn't believe how much cheaper my shop was by taking lots of fruit and veg and shopping smart without putting rubbish in the trolley.. I've saved a fortune since my last shop and I got less in the last shop.. So really this healthy eating has more than one advantage.

OoO a wee update on the veg growing... I managed to get some tatties growing in tubs in the garden and a couple of tyres, and my toms are coming up a wee treat... although my veg in the trough ain't coming up much :( but i'm going to take them to mum's greenhouse hopefully they will get a wee boost then... Also started to grow some garlic, I just can't believe how easy garlic is to grow :D ....Strawbs on the other hand are not looking too good :( They are just not coming at all!

What's Wrong With Blogger???

I've just managed to post a new post after 3 days of trying on IE... had to use Firefox :( :( Rubbish eh... Anyhoo will get another update in a mo :) :)

love emmy x x x

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Week 2 In the Big Brother Diet House

I've heard week 2 can be hell, but I can't believe it, i'm on my second week of 'healthy choices' regime, and I'm actually shocked at how well I've settled in. From day one it was manageable. I don't feel hungry, even though i've cut out huge portions, I don't eat between meals, unless it's healthy, and I have my own little routine at night which keeps me going. I know i'm running on will power here, and i'm a little scared as of when it will run out and what will be the consequences. Of course the worst thing that could happen would be me piling back on the pounds I worked hard to lose! But what if I manage to actually train myself in the weeks/months/years/days??? to eat less, to not pick, to leave the crisps in the shop, (crisps really are my downfall) .. Is it possible??

I'm also running out of things to eat.. I just seem to eat the same things, which is begining to get boring. I hate looking through recipe books, i'd rather someone showed me, i'm just useless at following recipes. If anyone reads this, which I highly doubt, I mean i'm not exactly the most interesting person to read about lol, but could anyone maybe suggest some recipes? That would be great :) I'm really wanting to try a healthy curry, but I'm not sure where to start, or maybe a thai green curry... I know I've got to stay away from creamy things, but I'd like to hear your suggestions :)

Ahh I guess i'll just keep things updated weather it's just me that's writing/reading... no matter :) I'll have fun tracking my progress... haha simple things and minds etc etc etc :) :)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Breathing new life :)

I've enjoyed my last couple of days in the garden, I can't believe how lovely it has been. Got a few more things planted in the garden but my favourite thing has to be my raspberry tree(bush?) that an elderly friend gave hubby today :) I've planted it in a nice big container and it looks lovely sitting there in the garden :) also got some iris and pink lily bulbs to pot up so did that when I came home this evening...

I guess my time this past few days has been spent on this beauty. I finally after all these months of searching, got my welsh dresser. The guy did say it was in good condition and the pictures did look ok, but when I go there, it wasn't what I had expected, but my little creative juices got going and I just knew that it would look lovely when it was all finished. So Dad helped take it home and it is now sitting half finished in my Dad's shed... the last couple of days i've been out dismantling it and sanding it...

It wasn't easy I can assure you, I think someone in it's previous life tried to alter it somehow, and put really awkward screws on and glued it, so it took me and dad and my little brother hours to get them out, as they kept rounding. Today there was 1 screw left and it was bugging me but I got it out, I took a nail holder banged it under and wedged it out managed to grip it with pliers, only problem was it marked the wood real bad.. and with the stress/heat I was getting all annoyed, but my wee brother brighted up my day when he said "don't know what you are worrying about, you want it to be "shaggy sheep"...Made my day :) :) So the dresser now just needs to get some wood filler in and give it a wee sand and then get priming it and painting... The top still needs to be sorted, but i've got to get some glue and screws out of it, just taking it one step at a time... Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of it when we started it as we just spontaniously went into the back of the van and started dismantaling, however the pic below is the one the guy had on his listing.. I'm just so excited about it and can't wait until it's in my kitchen :)

Have my niece and nephew up and mum and I took them a walk along the beach tonight, it was lovely and so nice to have the company of the wee ones... I've missed them so much since moving West, and really wish I could see them more, but i'm enjoying the time we have together, and tomorrow hopefully we will do some more fun things :)... My nephew did enjoy helping me try and screw the screw out lol with his "for goodness sakes" (his words for bad words) ..

Note to self: Remember Camera Tomorrow! LOL!

Love n hugs

Emmy x x x

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Shopping trip = goodies goodies goodies :D

(this is my wee teapot full of cress .. going to get my niece and nephew to decorate it :D )

Today has been lovely, and spring is certainly in the air, it was lovely waking up with the sun beaming in our skylight window, Gorgeous.

I've been busy in the garden the last couple of days, planted some of my own veg, not sure how they will come out, but i'm optimistic. I've put some tatties in some old tyres, and popped it next to the compost bin... it's the first time I've ever tried a compost bin but happy it's on the go, and I like how I have limited toilet roll tubes/old veg in the bin - at least now they are going to good use :).

(my lovely wee tom's)

I've also got some radish/spring onions/ lettuce in the front getting the sun... so looking forward to the growth, however, if things don't go to plan, then it's all trial and error and there is always next time :D

(They don't look big but this is from the floor to the bottom of the windowsill)

Yesterday I nipped to town to get some shopping, and I picked up some pictures for my living room. Since moving in I've waited for that "wow I want them" pictures, and I found them on a local swap buy site. I thought they would be small, but when I went to collect them by gum they were huge.... I was just happy that we'd decided to take my hubby's car if we'd taken mine then there would be no way I'd have got them home. There was 4 but I think the lady either kept them herself, or sold them on, but I'm happy with the 2 (not greedy hehe) and they are definately worth £5 each. I was happy enough to pay £5 when I thought they were smaller but by golly these are fabulous for the price :) ... The gold frame has got a bit of scuffing but I don't mind that. Just can't wait to get them up on the wall, the other is slightly altered but nearly the same :) These will definately make my living room a lot warmer :)

On my shopping trip I got some goodies but my fav has to be my laptray for the bargain price of £2.99 from Home Bargins, it's gorgeous I love it :) and it's so me! I also got a lovely little cosy bed for HRH Poppy :) she hasn't budged from it yet hehe : )

Poppy has started to enjoy her walks more and more, and we've been going to the beach with her as much as possible, however, tonight we were shocked by the amount of tourists that are here already (lots of them site there caravans/tents on the beachtop) usually there are not many until the end of the month/start of next month, but when I was in the shop earlier, some Italians had mentioned that they had come over early so that they were here for the big Royal Wedding... I can't believe how much this has gripped everyone.... it has gripped a bunch of girls on a website forum I'm a member of and the lovely ladies have chipped together and knitted the royal wedding..with a great idea of putting the lot on ebay to raise funds for the Japan Tsunami appeal...Fantastic idea, and for a very good cause.. :) We'll be celebrating a little different though, as it's my brothers 21st, so we will be doing what he wants to do... he has additional needs and has grown up so much in the past few years, we are so very proud of him, and therefore want to give him a day to remember... so going to go to mum's this week and start planning for him... I've already bought him his beloved Harry Potter, he was so disappointed when it wasn't out at Christmas, and he's been bugging me all the time to get it so I can't wait to give it to him :) Will get some other little things for him, he's such a huge fan of cats, so anything cat-ty will be great :) Well on that note I guess i'll leave you with my 'cat' lou lou :) I've waffled on for too long hehe :)

Friday, 8 April 2011

Spring? Good Will? RAK's?

I got a lovely little surprise in the post today... the lovely Wendy over at cheap2chic gave me the most gorgeous glass candlestick holder and such a cute little card with a butterfly... I adore butterflies, so this was the best start to my day EVER!

It's been a bit hectic these last few weeks, my laptop, once again, gave up the ghost, so has to be fixed, getting sick of stealing time from others, but needs must hehe :)

Since there has been a limit to the cyber world, i've been getting stuck into my wee garden, well when there is no rain that is, and started to plant some seeds. I've got some tomatos on the window with two lovely little green sprouts popping through :) They made me feel all warm and fuzzy when I saw them hehe :D I've grown a little cress too, which isn't too hard, but I like the smell of it in my kitchen it's lovely, so I've planted it in an old teapot that my mum broke the lid, it's taking pride of place next to the toms :)

Hubby thinks i'm crazy but our downstairs loo is the perfect place to start our little seedlings off, and i've got a set of hanging basket seeds in egg trays 'hatching' Only one row has come through so far, but i'm optimistic and have my fingers crossed...

Poppy is enjoying getting out in the garden, and we take her to the beach now but the first time she went she just loved it... She was liberated, and ran like there was no stopping her... She's getting so big now it's hard to believe, very long legged. She's such a beauty. The training is ok, but very difficult, but we are persevering, you just have to don't you.

Since my last post I've also discovered the wonderful art of crochet. I taught myself, as no one really had time to help, and I love it. I like doing mini projects, even with knitting I like quick makes, so I've been making little brooches and little flowers, there not perfect but I love them :D

Anyhoo I'll leave you with a photo that always makes me smile :)

Monday, 28 February 2011

Simple Pleasures!

I was going to write there that I have done no crafting - but after thinking for a few seconds (as you do) I realised I did do some crafting, I made a few handmade cards - very basics - for my Mum as a wee gift. Going to get a mini box and pop them in... Will also pop in a little occasions book that will have birthdays/anniversaries etc in there... Haven't taken photos as I put them back in the box...

Anyhoo, the past week has been a bit of a drag, I pulled a muscle quite badly in my neck and could hardly move.. it was such a pain especially with the pup jumping everywhere. Not only that but I couldn't get my housework done - which believe it or not really brings me down. I like a clean home, with everything in it's place... like at Christmas, I spend nearly the whole month of December going through cupboards (even those people don't go into) bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and living room... making sure they are spotless... why I'm not sure, I just like things to be in place.. So it was such a relief to be able to get the hoover out and clean :D hehe! I guess this would be one of my simple pleasure..

Now the puppy on the other hand this would be her simple pleasure ;) Give her an Avon box, a fleece blanket (which she dragged in herself) and the dog draught excluder, and she's delighted! (as you can see hehe) She's very much into cardboard boxes at the moment, especially ones that she can drag our clothes in from the laundry basket! Hubby and I have given up a few pieces of clothes that we no longer want to give to her, just so she has our scent with her at all times, we've even included something of the cat and vice versa just to get them used to each other...

We have to admit we've been very lucky with her, apart from the first night - which was really teething troubles as we've never had a dog before, she's slept very well and only whines when she wants to go to the toilet... which is a total blessing... Toileting too has come on leaps and bounds and we can now let her out without the lead on in the front stones (we have to watch as there is no fence as the road is right out the door.) I just find she does something new everyday... and I feel she's just like a baby - I guess this is what a mother is like with a newborn..

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

That's the way the cookie crumbles... well biscuits ;)

I really really fancied some homemade biscuits tonight... I just had the taste... and this is what the result is :)

They're a mixture of ginger and some cinnamon ones. They taste scrumptious. The darker ones are cinnamon they look so dark because I sprinkled extra cinnamon on top - my hubby is a total addict of cinnamon. I followed this recipe and it was so easy. I made these for our post valentines dinner :) they went down a treat.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!

I woke up this morning to some lovely little goodies from my hubby Joe... and I thought I'd show you a couple of my little things... The necklace is from Avon, and I just love it :) I remember seeing it in the brochure and hinting like mad to my hubby.. to be honest, I completely fell in love with the box... it's so sweet, and i've asked my hubby's permission to use it for a craft that I have in mind, and he doesn't mind (he's a wee darling like that). I just like how the little gems sparkle and when they are on they look gorgeous... I'm not really one to wear a lot of jewellery but this is definately going to be used a fair bit.
and this little girl is just gorgeous... again I hinted like mad, i'm really quite bad for the fancy little hot water bottles and covers, and hubby knows me too well hehe! So I really did get spoilt rotten today...
I hope that you all got spoilt, and had a lovely day whether or not you are in a relationship or single, I hope this Valentines day was a good one to you :)

Sunday, 6 February 2011

New Additions

This is our lovely new puppy Poppy.. she's 8 weeks old tomorrow, we went to get her last Friday and each day she brings a smile to my face. She is a quick learner, and I've been spending the last few days getting her to be sociable with mum's dogs, and also the basics. She is now getting used to her name, starting to do the whole 'sit' and 'give paw' but we'll get there with her. My hubby agrees she's the best thing we've decided to have in a long time, and I wouldn't change her for anything.

Louie is just not keen at the moment, I think he's too used to being the 'king' of the house, but he's taking it a lot better than we expected. Here is the wee monkey with a cheeky smile on his face, as you can see he really does think he's king, and drinks his water out of a glass lol, he is rather spoilt.

This was something my mum got me today, she is the one that taught me how to do my basic knitting last year, and knows i'm super keen at learning more detailed stuff. I did try collecting the crotchet one of these last year, but just wasn't interested in it at the time and asked if this came round could my mum get it for me... so my face sure lit up when this came into my posession today :D ... I'm seriously wanting to make the throw as a present for my grandmother, she appreciates homemade gifts, and especially something knitted, she's an avid knitter herself, I just want to make as many homemade things as possible, plus i'm excited that it's in such a manageable way to learn. Who can complain about a magazine with a pair of knitting needles 2 small balls of wool and a dvd for 99p? Can't wait for next week when I can get the folder and start my lovely little collection :-)

Saturday, 29 January 2011

I'm alive... honest..

Wow it's been nearly a year since I blogged, I can't believe it... What have I been doing :/

I still do a bit of crafting now and then, but since moving into my lovely new home I've just fallen in love with doing things for the house! Even though our house is lovely and decorated to how I want it... it's just not complete yet. It's nearly there just some little things to get done.. mainly our spare room and small bathroom.

A few years ago I totally fell in love with shabby chic. I just can't get over the sheer subtle glamour it has. Il love it. So basically i've been on a mission to make my house a home... using shabby chic techniques...

one of my projects was an old towel rail I bought in a charity shop, I seem to go here and look at furniture specifically on the grounds of doing it over... I love the whole concept of recycling, but also to have pieces that other people don't have... So anyway... I had this towel rail many years, and kept meaning to get round to it, but I did... even thought it was just a week before christmas, I did it.. I painted it in a lovely creamy colour, and it's taking pride of place in my little toilet. The thing is i'm driving Joe nuts with wanting to get more stuff to do over... i've been seriously bitten by the bug.... My main aim is to buy a dresser for my kitchen, and get more of a country cottage feel to it..... but I want to pick one up real cheap and do it up myself... there is nothing better than the buzz you get knowing you have done something over for such a small budget... I love it... I'm such a frugal person 99% of the time, and the buzz is fab :)

Anyway I've managed to get Joe to agree and we've been scouring ebay, gumtree, other sites, but just can't seem to get anywhere, and with living so remotely in the highlands of Scotland, no one really wants to post/deliver to us... but the search will continue and I will have my lovely country feel kitchen in no time!

Another thing we've been scouring for is a french style dressing table... again no luck... but this really is the piece that I need to finish off my lovely bedroom. It's crying out for a dressing table, and i'm just not getting it... but I'm not one for giving up, and I'll have it... I just know I will...