Friday, 8 April 2011

Spring? Good Will? RAK's?

I got a lovely little surprise in the post today... the lovely Wendy over at cheap2chic gave me the most gorgeous glass candlestick holder and such a cute little card with a butterfly... I adore butterflies, so this was the best start to my day EVER!

It's been a bit hectic these last few weeks, my laptop, once again, gave up the ghost, so has to be fixed, getting sick of stealing time from others, but needs must hehe :)

Since there has been a limit to the cyber world, i've been getting stuck into my wee garden, well when there is no rain that is, and started to plant some seeds. I've got some tomatos on the window with two lovely little green sprouts popping through :) They made me feel all warm and fuzzy when I saw them hehe :D I've grown a little cress too, which isn't too hard, but I like the smell of it in my kitchen it's lovely, so I've planted it in an old teapot that my mum broke the lid, it's taking pride of place next to the toms :)

Hubby thinks i'm crazy but our downstairs loo is the perfect place to start our little seedlings off, and i've got a set of hanging basket seeds in egg trays 'hatching' Only one row has come through so far, but i'm optimistic and have my fingers crossed...

Poppy is enjoying getting out in the garden, and we take her to the beach now but the first time she went she just loved it... She was liberated, and ran like there was no stopping her... She's getting so big now it's hard to believe, very long legged. She's such a beauty. The training is ok, but very difficult, but we are persevering, you just have to don't you.

Since my last post I've also discovered the wonderful art of crochet. I taught myself, as no one really had time to help, and I love it. I like doing mini projects, even with knitting I like quick makes, so I've been making little brooches and little flowers, there not perfect but I love them :D

Anyhoo I'll leave you with a photo that always makes me smile :)


  1. Aw! Cute little doggie. Lovely pressie from Wendy. Where you going to put it?

  2. Well initially it was through convo of making a cake stand with it but it's so gorgeous i'm contemplating putting it on my matel :) we'll see though, I'd like to get a really pretty plate and put on

  3. Oh I go through that. Got loads of candlesticks and plates all bought to make cake stands. But they're all too lovely to make into anything. Perfect as they are.

    I made one once and now really regret using the plate, though the cake stand is fine. Just think I would use a plate more than I would a cake stand. Saying that I do have quite a collection of bought cake stands.

    Note to self - stop buying cake stands!

    Madison xxx

  4. haha i'm the same, the only thing is my mum buys me them as she knows I love them :)


  5. What a cute doggy! And what a lovely gift. Glad to hear you've joined the world of crochet, if you are ever stuck You Tube is great and if you ever need some inspiration or free patterns have a look at Ravelry. Jaqui x

  6. Hiya Jaqui, I've just discovered Ravelry and it's fab :)... I just find crochet so easy and quick to do i'm falling more and more in love with it lol :)

    love emmy x x