Monday, 28 February 2011

Simple Pleasures!

I was going to write there that I have done no crafting - but after thinking for a few seconds (as you do) I realised I did do some crafting, I made a few handmade cards - very basics - for my Mum as a wee gift. Going to get a mini box and pop them in... Will also pop in a little occasions book that will have birthdays/anniversaries etc in there... Haven't taken photos as I put them back in the box...

Anyhoo, the past week has been a bit of a drag, I pulled a muscle quite badly in my neck and could hardly move.. it was such a pain especially with the pup jumping everywhere. Not only that but I couldn't get my housework done - which believe it or not really brings me down. I like a clean home, with everything in it's place... like at Christmas, I spend nearly the whole month of December going through cupboards (even those people don't go into) bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and living room... making sure they are spotless... why I'm not sure, I just like things to be in place.. So it was such a relief to be able to get the hoover out and clean :D hehe! I guess this would be one of my simple pleasure..

Now the puppy on the other hand this would be her simple pleasure ;) Give her an Avon box, a fleece blanket (which she dragged in herself) and the dog draught excluder, and she's delighted! (as you can see hehe) She's very much into cardboard boxes at the moment, especially ones that she can drag our clothes in from the laundry basket! Hubby and I have given up a few pieces of clothes that we no longer want to give to her, just so she has our scent with her at all times, we've even included something of the cat and vice versa just to get them used to each other...

We have to admit we've been very lucky with her, apart from the first night - which was really teething troubles as we've never had a dog before, she's slept very well and only whines when she wants to go to the toilet... which is a total blessing... Toileting too has come on leaps and bounds and we can now let her out without the lead on in the front stones (we have to watch as there is no fence as the road is right out the door.) I just find she does something new everyday... and I feel she's just like a baby - I guess this is what a mother is like with a newborn..

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

That's the way the cookie crumbles... well biscuits ;)

I really really fancied some homemade biscuits tonight... I just had the taste... and this is what the result is :)

They're a mixture of ginger and some cinnamon ones. They taste scrumptious. The darker ones are cinnamon they look so dark because I sprinkled extra cinnamon on top - my hubby is a total addict of cinnamon. I followed this recipe and it was so easy. I made these for our post valentines dinner :) they went down a treat.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!

I woke up this morning to some lovely little goodies from my hubby Joe... and I thought I'd show you a couple of my little things... The necklace is from Avon, and I just love it :) I remember seeing it in the brochure and hinting like mad to my hubby.. to be honest, I completely fell in love with the box... it's so sweet, and i've asked my hubby's permission to use it for a craft that I have in mind, and he doesn't mind (he's a wee darling like that). I just like how the little gems sparkle and when they are on they look gorgeous... I'm not really one to wear a lot of jewellery but this is definately going to be used a fair bit.
and this little girl is just gorgeous... again I hinted like mad, i'm really quite bad for the fancy little hot water bottles and covers, and hubby knows me too well hehe! So I really did get spoilt rotten today...
I hope that you all got spoilt, and had a lovely day whether or not you are in a relationship or single, I hope this Valentines day was a good one to you :)

Sunday, 6 February 2011

New Additions

This is our lovely new puppy Poppy.. she's 8 weeks old tomorrow, we went to get her last Friday and each day she brings a smile to my face. She is a quick learner, and I've been spending the last few days getting her to be sociable with mum's dogs, and also the basics. She is now getting used to her name, starting to do the whole 'sit' and 'give paw' but we'll get there with her. My hubby agrees she's the best thing we've decided to have in a long time, and I wouldn't change her for anything.

Louie is just not keen at the moment, I think he's too used to being the 'king' of the house, but he's taking it a lot better than we expected. Here is the wee monkey with a cheeky smile on his face, as you can see he really does think he's king, and drinks his water out of a glass lol, he is rather spoilt.

This was something my mum got me today, she is the one that taught me how to do my basic knitting last year, and knows i'm super keen at learning more detailed stuff. I did try collecting the crotchet one of these last year, but just wasn't interested in it at the time and asked if this came round could my mum get it for me... so my face sure lit up when this came into my posession today :D ... I'm seriously wanting to make the throw as a present for my grandmother, she appreciates homemade gifts, and especially something knitted, she's an avid knitter herself, I just want to make as many homemade things as possible, plus i'm excited that it's in such a manageable way to learn. Who can complain about a magazine with a pair of knitting needles 2 small balls of wool and a dvd for 99p? Can't wait for next week when I can get the folder and start my lovely little collection :-)