Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Breathing new life :)

I've enjoyed my last couple of days in the garden, I can't believe how lovely it has been. Got a few more things planted in the garden but my favourite thing has to be my raspberry tree(bush?) that an elderly friend gave hubby today :) I've planted it in a nice big container and it looks lovely sitting there in the garden :) also got some iris and pink lily bulbs to pot up so did that when I came home this evening...

I guess my time this past few days has been spent on this beauty. I finally after all these months of searching, got my welsh dresser. The guy did say it was in good condition and the pictures did look ok, but when I go there, it wasn't what I had expected, but my little creative juices got going and I just knew that it would look lovely when it was all finished. So Dad helped take it home and it is now sitting half finished in my Dad's shed... the last couple of days i've been out dismantling it and sanding it...

It wasn't easy I can assure you, I think someone in it's previous life tried to alter it somehow, and put really awkward screws on and glued it, so it took me and dad and my little brother hours to get them out, as they kept rounding. Today there was 1 screw left and it was bugging me but I got it out, I took a nail holder banged it under and wedged it out managed to grip it with pliers, only problem was it marked the wood real bad.. and with the stress/heat I was getting all annoyed, but my wee brother brighted up my day when he said "don't know what you are worrying about, you want it to be "shaggy sheep"...Made my day :) :) So the dresser now just needs to get some wood filler in and give it a wee sand and then get priming it and painting... The top still needs to be sorted, but i've got to get some glue and screws out of it, just taking it one step at a time... Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of it when we started it as we just spontaniously went into the back of the van and started dismantaling, however the pic below is the one the guy had on his listing.. I'm just so excited about it and can't wait until it's in my kitchen :)

Have my niece and nephew up and mum and I took them a walk along the beach tonight, it was lovely and so nice to have the company of the wee ones... I've missed them so much since moving West, and really wish I could see them more, but i'm enjoying the time we have together, and tomorrow hopefully we will do some more fun things :)... My nephew did enjoy helping me try and screw the screw out lol with his "for goodness sakes" (his words for bad words) ..

Note to self: Remember Camera Tomorrow! LOL!

Love n hugs

Emmy x x x


  1. ROFL "shaggy sheep" Love it! Oooh I've always wanted a Welsh dresser, can't wait to see it finished. Jaqui x

  2. Lol it made me laugh too it's the best thing i've heard in ages :) hehe will post pics when it's finished :) xxx btw love your exploding box :) xxx