Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Shopping trip = goodies goodies goodies :D

(this is my wee teapot full of cress .. going to get my niece and nephew to decorate it :D )

Today has been lovely, and spring is certainly in the air, it was lovely waking up with the sun beaming in our skylight window, Gorgeous.

I've been busy in the garden the last couple of days, planted some of my own veg, not sure how they will come out, but i'm optimistic. I've put some tatties in some old tyres, and popped it next to the compost bin... it's the first time I've ever tried a compost bin but happy it's on the go, and I like how I have limited toilet roll tubes/old veg in the bin - at least now they are going to good use :).

(my lovely wee tom's)

I've also got some radish/spring onions/ lettuce in the front getting the sun... so looking forward to the growth, however, if things don't go to plan, then it's all trial and error and there is always next time :D

(They don't look big but this is from the floor to the bottom of the windowsill)

Yesterday I nipped to town to get some shopping, and I picked up some pictures for my living room. Since moving in I've waited for that "wow I want them" pictures, and I found them on a local swap buy site. I thought they would be small, but when I went to collect them by gum they were huge.... I was just happy that we'd decided to take my hubby's car if we'd taken mine then there would be no way I'd have got them home. There was 4 but I think the lady either kept them herself, or sold them on, but I'm happy with the 2 (not greedy hehe) and they are definately worth £5 each. I was happy enough to pay £5 when I thought they were smaller but by golly these are fabulous for the price :) ... The gold frame has got a bit of scuffing but I don't mind that. Just can't wait to get them up on the wall, the other is slightly altered but nearly the same :) These will definately make my living room a lot warmer :)

On my shopping trip I got some goodies but my fav has to be my laptray for the bargain price of £2.99 from Home Bargins, it's gorgeous I love it :) and it's so me! I also got a lovely little cosy bed for HRH Poppy :) she hasn't budged from it yet hehe : )

Poppy has started to enjoy her walks more and more, and we've been going to the beach with her as much as possible, however, tonight we were shocked by the amount of tourists that are here already (lots of them site there caravans/tents on the beachtop) usually there are not many until the end of the month/start of next month, but when I was in the shop earlier, some Italians had mentioned that they had come over early so that they were here for the big Royal Wedding... I can't believe how much this has gripped everyone.... it has gripped a bunch of girls on a website forum I'm a member of and the lovely ladies have chipped together and knitted the royal wedding..with a great idea of putting the lot on ebay to raise funds for the Japan Tsunami appeal...Fantastic idea, and for a very good cause.. :) We'll be celebrating a little different though, as it's my brothers 21st, so we will be doing what he wants to do... he has additional needs and has grown up so much in the past few years, we are so very proud of him, and therefore want to give him a day to remember... so going to go to mum's this week and start planning for him... I've already bought him his beloved Harry Potter, he was so disappointed when it wasn't out at Christmas, and he's been bugging me all the time to get it so I can't wait to give it to him :) Will get some other little things for him, he's such a huge fan of cats, so anything cat-ty will be great :) Well on that note I guess i'll leave you with my 'cat' lou lou :) I've waffled on for too long hehe :)

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