Friday, 3 June 2011

Week 3, Day 1

Well I'm on week 3, and I don't know how much i've lost, as slimming group yesterday was not on, the lady took a well deserved break, so I'm just crossing everything that I managed to lose something! I'm just sticking with my 5lb loss from week 1...

Somehow I didn't have much time to do exercise this week... It's been such a hectic week that I can't even remember when I had the time to think about food, never mind exercise.

The inlaws came up last night, so was rushing around getting the house sorted... why is it when someone comes to the house ou just have to make sure everything is ship shape?? Ok I do know I don't want to look like a lazy B... but it takes forever and for what... as soon as we got in last night the kitchen the living room everything looks like a bombs hit it.. Ach well at least I know I cleaned hehe ;)

Sitting here just now finally getting some washing dried, been sick of the non stop raining the past 3 weeks. It's drove me nuts. But the sun is out and it looks fantastic... The pooch will love her walk later, will possibly try and introduce her to the sea water, she really doesn't like water - but I think once she's in she'll love it :) and it gets me out to do some well needed exercise... If I want to get to my goal I got to work hard at it.

I'm a wee bit worried about food this next few days, the inlaws will be cooking, and I'm just a little worried that things will be used that I can't have.. or I'll overeat. I know that I should be able to control myself, but food has been a friend or should I say.. and enemy for many years.. and I know that anything that is on my plate i'll just eat... or maybe i'm just not giving myself enough credit... but we'll see.. I have taken the inititive to stock the fridge up with fresh fruit and veg.. so I can always take extra salad hehe :) I actually couldn't believe how much cheaper my shop was by taking lots of fruit and veg and shopping smart without putting rubbish in the trolley.. I've saved a fortune since my last shop and I got less in the last shop.. So really this healthy eating has more than one advantage.

OoO a wee update on the veg growing... I managed to get some tatties growing in tubs in the garden and a couple of tyres, and my toms are coming up a wee treat... although my veg in the trough ain't coming up much :( but i'm going to take them to mum's greenhouse hopefully they will get a wee boost then... Also started to grow some garlic, I just can't believe how easy garlic is to grow :D ....Strawbs on the other hand are not looking too good :( They are just not coming at all!

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