Saturday, 9 January 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Very busy couple of days...

Yesterday (Friday) we got the keys to our lovely new house... so excited about moving in, it's just fabulous. So was doing a lot of phoning around sorting things out... but to be honest on a single track road with lots of snow and thick ice, it wasn't much fun trying to get to the house, and especially wasn't nice having to push the car out, but hey ho onwards and upwards.

I couldn't get on yesterday as the internet was down, so couldn't get pictures uploaded of my little creations, which is rather annoying, so I'll have to wait until I get my camera back to upload some proper pictures.

Today, I finished off the scarf I started for my niece, and the eyelash wool I was going to get rid of, came in very handy for fringing, so I think I shall be keeping that after all thanking you very much. The colours have bamboozled me since I started the scarf, I wanted to know where I'd seen them and why they looked so familiar, it was only when I was eating my cadbury's caramel, I realised it was the caramel bunny's colours - only a lighter shade of purple, so no wonder my little niece loves these colours so much it reminds her of some choccie - she's definately a girl after my own heart. hehe.

Anyways, will keep you updated about the housemove, and also get some piccies up and running.

Stay safe in this made freeze we are having.

Love emmy xx

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