Thursday, 25 February 2010

Projects so far

Well that's me settled into my lovely new home. Its fab, I can literally see the sea from my bedroom window and the scenery out of every window in my house is so exciting. I love waking up and looking out every morning. I'll get some pictures on the go for you asap. It's so exciting hehe!

Since I've been moving I've really not had much time to do any crafting However I do finally have a piccie of the scarf I made for my niece, and seeing as she's only 5 and loves anything furry I'm hoping she will love this - i'm sure she will...

Knitting is a new found craft of mine so may of my projects won't be perfect, but I've done a few things my most favourite thing was the bag and purse I knitted my gran for christmas, it looked fab with it's lining and customized hand knitted bow with beads. I thoroughly enjoyed making these and just wish Id taken a picture. However if I remember i'll definately take one when I'm next down at hers so I can let you all see.

Because it's such a new hobby I really didn't have anything to start me of so I love being able to trawl through the shops looking for anything that is knitting related. Especially if it is cheap. Pound shops have been a saviour and in one of them I can get 3 balls of eyelash wool for £1 and huge balls of wool for only £1. Anyways Poundland seems to be my saviour at the moment, it had these......

I can't wait to try these :) they're plastic and I love the colours.

Anyways onto another little project I've completed - this was my first ever shot at doing a sock, and because it's done with 2 needles and not double pointed needles (which i'm hopeless at using, I really must get learning how to do it to make big socks) it has turned out really well and is so cute, think i'll whip up another 24 of these and make them into an advent calender for christmas, or make another one in pink for my niece and give them to my niece and nephew with a little keepsake for christmas, either or they'll be christmas presents lol!

This little sock was made using a fab pattern from littlecottonrabbits which can be found here. Have a look at the other patterns available over there, they have some wonderful little bears which would make some great little prezzies.

Well I think i've garbled enough for now, I'm going to go and make a start on some mini booties.


  1. Blimey the points on those knitting needles look lethal. Didn't spot them in our local Poundland today - good find!

    The scarf and sock are gorgeous :)

    Carmen x (whoopidoo)