Sunday, 28 February 2010

Goody goody goodiessssss - Prima have a-plenty to giveaway :)

I'm very intrigued with the give aways that blogs do, and when looking around I came across the Prima blog through some friends who recommended it. When I checked out their site I was amazed at the beautiful items that they make.

While browsing I also noticed they are giving away some goodies up to the value of $100 with one American winner and one International winner - needless to say I'd definately like to win the goodies - I don't really seem to win anything these days, but hey ho if I don't I don't at least I've spread the word a little.

They also have something big happening around the 5th of March, so get adding them to your blog and find out what this exciting thing is :) :)

here is a pic of the goodies :) :) lovely ain't they :) :) Pop along to the Prima blog here and why not try your luck and enter too :) :)

1 comment:

  1. Hiya!! Lovely makes! I wish I could knit, even with the wrong size needles! I get too impatient with it :/ Can't wait to see your future projects too :)